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ASID students and emerging designers attend Sarajo tour
Aug 16, 2016

As part of its Emerging Designer Events, ASID NY Metro hosted a tour at Sarajo Antique Textiles for its student and emerging professional members last week. Yosi Barzilai, founder of Sarajo, led the tour for the 20 guests, sharing stories about where he acquired the different textiles, their history and how they should be used. Barzilai’s collection includes antique textiles, Islamic furniture, Asian wearables and embroidered tapestries. The group was joined by Glenn Gissler, ASID NY Metro president-elect, and Bonnie Hoeker, ASID NY Metro student representative.

“Owner Yosi Barzilai gave the group of young designers a ‘global tour’ through his remarkable textile collection,” says Gissler. “This special evening was an amazing opportunity to see and touch the fabrics from the 17th through 21st century, while learning about cultural and historical influences on the textiles.”

ASID NY Metro President-Elect Glenn Gissler and Sarajo owner Yosi Barzilai observe a textile.

ASID NY Metro student Michelle Marshall and emerging professionals Laura Cruz and Addy Caizza at the beginning of the event

Student representative Bonnie Hoeker, Gissler and Barzilai welcome the guests.

The group gathers around to view an antique textile.

Exploring the secret closet full of antique clothing

Pratt MFA student Lucy Wang has a good laugh over one of Yosi’s stories of travel.

New York School of Interior Design students Tove Hermanson and Peter Hassler pose in front of an Indonesian provincial governor’s bed.

Barzilai showing students some of his favorites; he and Gissler pose in front of a textile being shot for the website.

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