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Bisazza Foundation opens with John Pawson exhibit
Jun 8, 2012

The Bisazza Foundation for Design and Contemporary Architecture in Montecchio, Vicenza, Italy opens to the public today.

To mark its inauguration, the Bisazza Foundation will be hosting the John Pawson - Plain Space exhibition, dedicated to the works of the English designer renowned for his minimalist approach to design and architecture.

The exhibition, on view from until July 29, is a touring exhibit from the Design Museum, London, presented in Italy for the first time. The exhibition traces the career of John Pawson, whose architecture and design is defined by its visual clarity, simplicity and minimalism.

For the first time in his career, Pawson tackled the medium of mosaics, producing a site-specific work entitled "1:1" ("One to One") for the Foundation. Pawson's "1:1" will remain on display to enhance the permanent collection.

Pawson says, "'It is an honor to have been given Fondazione Bisazza's inaugural exhibition. I think a lot of people will be surprised to discover how few similar institutions there are, given the association of Italy with the strength of its creative industries. The design of something as ostensibly simple as a chair, for example, can tell you so much, not just about its creator, but about what we value and how we want to live. At the Fondazione, people will have the opportunity to experience very different work and spatial atmospheres in one place. Putting on an exhibition is a very intense process. You want people to come away with something they couldn't have got anywhere else - an insight, a perspective, an experience. Every detail is part of the bigger picture you are trying to get across. At Bisazza I have found collaborators who share the same passion for getting it right."

This initial temporary exhibition will be followed by other collaborations with high-profile designers and cultural institutions from abroad.

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