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Bloggers announce launch of 'High Gloss' in January
Nov 30, 2010

High Gloss, a new online shelter magazine with the tag line A Guide to a Well Lived Life, is scheduled to launch early next year. The founding team consists of a fashionable set of female bloggers based in Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Boston and Tennessee.
Bloggers announce launch of 'High Gloss' in January
"I’d always dreamed about being a magazine editor," said Editor in Chief Paloma Contreras in an interview with Curbed National. "When Lonny came on the scene, it really made me think that this might be feasible after all. Starting High Gloss  seemed like a natural progression from my blog [La Dolce Vita], as well."
Their mission statement is to be a source for interior design stories, decorating ideas, fashion and accessories, entertaining, and travel destinations.
When asked about what distinguishes High Gloss from similar online shelter magazines such as Rue, Contreas replied, "I think we each have our own defined aesthetics and that will be clear once our first issue premieres."

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