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Custom lighting installation to be unveiled at Istanbul museum
Sep 28, 2016

Lighting and furniture firm Aqua Creations is teaming up with Turkish practice Tabanlioglu Architects on an installation commissioned by lighting specialist TEPTA, as part of an exhibition at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. The exhibit, which celebrates TEPTA’s 25th anniversary, is being curated by lighting designer Ulrike Brandi and will open on October 18.

Custom lighting installation to be unveiled at Istanbul museum
Video Art Lamp (VAL) installation; courtesy Tabanlioglu Architects

Composed of a series of rectangular light panels hanging from the ceiling, the installation features pleated silk by Aqua Creations. At the center of the installation, Aqua Creations founder and creative director Albi Serfaty will feature a Video Art Lamp (VAL), a pendant lamp broadcasting a video. Certain reflective panels in the floor will also contribute to the installation. 

“As a light maker, I wanted to explore the opportunity of using up-to-date RGB LED technology as a source of light carrying a humanistic message,” says Serfaty. “I wanted to draw attention to a nostalgic feeling for a pre-digital area where low-resolution images retain a certain magic quality that directly contrasts the hyper-reality of the high-resolution world.”

“Through this project, we at TEPTA aimed to underline the collaboration between the design-oriented brands that we represent and the architects that we often work with,” shares Özlem Yalim, the exhibition’s coordinator and TEPTA's head of brand strategy. “Collaboration is of utmost importance in creative projects. The artworks will help the visitors to experience natural light from different perspectives in an artificial space.”

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