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Designer launches school for 'speed decorating'
Oct 1, 2010

The School of Speed Decorating was founded by "stager" and interior decorator Jill Vegas, and is a series of professional courses offering practical tips and trade secrets to designers.
"My passion is to teach. I love to use my enthusiasm to inspire clients, friends, and students to create a home that they love," said Vegas.
In the course series, Vegas applies her seven principles of decorating which she covers in her book, Speed Decorating.
“Jill Vegas brings decorating up to speed with the rest of life. Speed Decorating is a must for anybody who is impatient and loves decorating,” said designer Jonathan Adler about her book.
The curriculum takes place at participating vendor showrooms including Kartell, Knoll, Aronson Floor Coverings, Sefts Linens, New Traditionalist Furniture, My Guy Appliances, Aviva Stanoff Pillows and George Brescia, Image Consultant.
All vendors will offer 1-2 month VIP discounts (15% - 35%) or incentive packages ranging from free shipping for custom kitchen décor to a closet bootcamp.

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