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Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures
May 22, 2015

This year's ICFF, held May 16 to 19 at the Javits Center, brought together exhibitors great and small, ranging from design titan Alessi to artist-designer Zoë Pawlak and a host of innovators in between. A selection of designers share with EAL their favorite finds from this year’s fair:
Interior designer Joshua Smith of the eponymous firm shared his top three choices: "Balance Lamp" by Todd St. John, a “stunning” mixed-materials floor lamp with “great proportions” that’s “definitely a statement piece and adds an architectural
element to a room.” He also praised the "True Colours" vases by &tradition, composed of oxidized metal. “The designer thought he would be limited in colors, but as he started to experiment with the process he began to see more options, by mixing and deconstructing with light, for example.” Smith’s last pick is the "Orchis Jasper" lamp by Kriest, which he called “truly one of a kind in appearance with its
sculptural shapes,” and which designer Kristin Barron makes through a creative process called dream journaling.
Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures 
The Balance Lamp by Todd St. John
Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures
"True Colours" vases by &tradition; "Orchis Jasper" lamp by Kriest
Alyssa Kapito and Vivian Muller of Kapito Muller Interiors praised a pair of brass candlesticks from Apparatus Studio, which Kapito called the "perfect tabletop accessory," a set of "fabulous new sconces" hailing from Cedar and Moss, and a gold fishscale screen from Brabbu. Interior designer Jennifer Mehditash spotted hexagon tables by Erin Sullivan. "I love the shape and customization options," she shares. "The combination of metals, high-gloss lacquer and Lucite is so very chic." Mehditash also recommended the Aspiro 8000 pendant by Seppho Koho for Secto, a Finnish birch coil shade that expands and contracts and "and is elegant in its simplicity while creating a sense of movement that I really enjoy." Hanna Kruse's cups, accented with 24K rose gold–plated and brass organizational toppers, also earned Mehditash’s high praise.
Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures
Gold fishscale screen from Brabbu; brass candlesticks from Apparatus Studio
Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures
Todd St. John credenza, courtesy Repost @toddstjohn

Vivian Hung, owner of Global Home, shared her top choices, including Stefan Hengst wall coverings ("sexy metallic wall coverings that replicate snakeskin with brass accents"), Todd St. John's geometric wood relief credenza ("modern and retro, artisanal yet refined, masculine yet also sensitive," Hung says), and, lastly, a chic side table courtesy of Jeffrey Douglas Design. “My heart races just looking at it!” Hung says.
Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures Designers share this year’s ICFF treasures
Formani from Metropolitan Home Hardware and Bath; THG and Baccarat Sink Faucet
Justin Shaulis of Justin Shaulis Inc. appreciated the Formani Timeless Hardware Collection from Metropolitan Home Hardware and Bath, saying "European hardware is making a big comeback and none more than Formani, available at MHHB. The pieces come in an array of finishes, the slender appearance and quality construction of their door and window hardware lends itself to traditional and modern environments, and there is nothing like the feeling of the movement of the latch." Shaulis also picked out a console with brass trim and Lucite legs from Matthew Studio, a piece made in Harlem and "composed of glam materials harmoniously assembled. The drawer is framed in polished brass and faced with a thick and raw-edged piece of selenite."
His other finds include the Triangular LED Floor Lamp by TJ O'Keefe, which when “grouped in multiples…becomes a sculptural and artistic light array,” as well as the THG and Baccarat Sink Faucet in Champagne Crystal—a 24k gold- and nickel-plated brass faucet—which he calls "a 'forever' piece" that offers "quiet but sophisticated appeal.”

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