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Detroit Design Festival kicks off this week
Sep 20, 2016

Detroit, which last December became the first and only city in the United States to receive the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) City of Design designation, will host the annual Detroit Design Festival September 21 to 25. The creative summit, a partnership between Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) and Creative Many Michigan, along with Lear Corporation, will draw leaders from Detroit’s design community, government, community development, and industry, as well as international leaders, to discuss the topic of using design to better serve Detroit. The festival inaugurates a yearlong process of creating the mission behind Detroit City of Design, a decade-long initiative to grow the creative sector.

Detroit Design Festival kicks off this week
Previous Detroit Design Festival programming

“Lear is not only committed to the city and its designers, but also its residents, businesses and organizations as we begin our exciting City of Design journey,” says Terri Tahnoose, Lear’s vice president of global marketing. “Lear Corporation is very excited to support and collaborate in the UNESCO City of Design summit with designers, innovators and passionate Detroit community members. We see this partnership as the beginning of what we know is going to be a future Detroit centered around design that will generate cohesion across industries and communities.”

The festival schedule includes film screenings, installations, panels and live music.

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