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EcoDesign lighting prizes announced at Finland's Habitare
Sep 6, 2010

The first EcoDesign prize was awarded at the interior decoration and design fair Habitare. The exhibition revolved around new ecological innovations in lighting fixtures.
The exhibition's curator, German lighting fixture designer Ingo Maurer, selected four designers to receive the prize: interior architect Samuli Naamanka; scrap designer Henrik Enbom; designer Heath Nash; and architect Julien De Smedt.
All four winning lighting fixtures reflected the main judge Ingo Maurer’s ideas of environmental friendliness, concepts, aesthetics and execution.

The biodegradable roll-on lamp shade by Samuli Naamanka features polylactic acid made out of starch sugar. Maurer considered its strength the minor need for material and the ease of production and transportation.

Licht der Stiftung by Henrik Enbom, made out of tins, was praised for its recycling-related theme and DIY spirit. In addition, Maurer appreciated the playfulness and uniqueness of the lighting fixture.

Fullcolourform Ball by Heath Nash is made of recycled plastic waste. Maurer praised the concept, the activation of the community in the production process by involving them in picking and sorting of scraps, the usage of recycled material, and the design potential of the lighting fixture.

Ecomode by Julien De Smedt opens new perspectives into the excessive use of light in public transport. The bus stop lightning solution that only switches on when a passenger arrives at the stop was praised by Ingo Maurer for its brilliant energy saving concept and the ambience created by the gradually brightening light.
The EcoDesign exhibition showcases 100 lighting fixtures as part of the Habitare fair in the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre from 1 to 5 September.
Biodegradable Roll On by Samuli Naamanka (© Markku Ojala)/ Licht der Stiftung by Henrik Enbom (© Henrik Enbom) / Ecomode by Julien De Smedt (© Jari Pirhonen / JDS, Julien De Smedt Architects)

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