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Exhibit from L.A. decorative art galleries to debut in NYC
Aug 31, 2016

Four Los Angeles–based design and decorative art galleries are making their way to New York City in a collaborative exhibition titled “Robert Kuo Selects: Studio and Found Collections and Represented Artists,” from October 5 through November 21. Robert Kuo and Judith Lance curated the showcased galleries, which include collections by JF Chen, Blackman Cruz, Dana John and Kuo himself. 

Hand repoussé drumstool by Robert Kuo; Blackman Cruz candlesticks

“We both recognized the curatorial and design skills of each selected L.A. gallery and decided to create a collaborative presentation for a New York event,” said Lance, a Los Angeles–based interior designer, in a statement. “We were pleased that each gallery we approached shared the enthusiasm for the project.”

JF Chen

The goal of the exhibition is to initiate a conversation on contemporary design happening in Los Angeles. Some of the featured works include production and found pieces, as well as artwork. 

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