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Experts discuss the future of antiques and southern design
Mar 9, 2015

Jennifer Boles, founder of Peak of Chic, and Olga Granda-Scott, founder of the online antiques marketplace The HighBoy, hosted a panel down last month with designers Kerry Howard and John Lyle to discuss The Future of Antiques: Southern Design in the 21st Century.
Experts discuss the future of antiques and southern design
Kerry Howard, Jennifer Boles, Olga Grande-Scott and John Lyle
Over the course of the evening, which took place at The Gables Antiques in Atlanta, panelists discussed their connection to antiquing and period pieces, and how antiques are fascinating because they defy replication. Antiques also tell a layered story, particularly captivating in a world filled with homogenous pieces.
The panel also discussed the design philosophies that define Southern design. Boles says the two qualities that define Southern homes and Southern living are a pride in one’s home and graciousness:
“There’s not necessarily one signature style in the South, but the thing that all Southern homes have in common is that they are warm and inviting and gracious,” said Boles. “We decorate our homes to be comfortable for ourselves, but for our guests too.”
Experts discuss the future of antiques and southern design
Photos by Jo Arellanes for The High Boy.
Panelists also noted that there is a tendency by homeowners and designers to mix styles when decorating, perhaps reflecting people’s own travels and the process of picking up different regional influences over the years.
The members of the panel remarked that personal taste of both clients and designers influenced what might be considered on trend, and nothing in particular stood out as a major trend in Southern antiques. However, Boles did add that French chairs and Regency-era pieces worked well in modern homes, and that “anything in the in the chinoiserie style is always popular.”

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