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Flavor Paper founder discusses Frank Lloyd Wright influence
Aug 26, 2015

Jon Sherman, founder and creative director of Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper, the wallpaper company, discussed his method of creating his company in the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural approach in an August 24 event. In a discussion held at the Frank Lloyd Wright Darwin Martin House Complex in Buffalo, NY, Sherman discussed his hand-screened and digital production methods, as well as similarities with Wright: Specifically, how both Flavor Paper and Wright both overcame many societal perceptions and share obsessions with detail, symmetry and customization.

Jon Sherman

Sherman also shared about his approach to the first commercially produced scratch-and sniff wallpapers as well as custom toile prints and a collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation for FlavorPaper’s second installment of Andy Warhol-licensed artwork.

Flavor Paper's Andy Warhol inspired wallpaper

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