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Foscarini's Twice as Twiggy light brings New Yorkers together
Nov 2, 2015

Italian lighting company Foscarini recently showcased the work of photographer Gianluca Vassallo in its SoHo showroom, during the Short Films Walk at the Architecture & Design Film Festival on October 7.

“Twice Light” is a project that invited New Yorkers, two strangers, to meet together on the street under a Foscarini light, in a moment captured by Vassallo. The moments were photographed in various locations around the city during Design Week 2015. The light in the project is the new Twice as Twiggy lamp. The original Twiggy, which was designed by Marc Sadler in 2006, served as the inspiration for this oversize version. The photograph exhibition is on display in the Foscarini showroom until December 8.

“Foscarini is a company that works with light…and we know very well that light can change things, can create emotions, and has the magic power to move human feelings, so we thought that the idea of using a gigantic but welcoming lamp like Twice as Twiggy was perfect for this project. Twice as Twiggy is a colossal version of the floor lamp Twiggy, designed by Marc Sadler: an iconic piece and a space-defining lighting object,” Carlo Urbinati, president of Foscarini, shared with EAL. “Under the overarching presence and warm glow of Twice as Twiggy, people were enveloped within its magical cone of light and, like, thrown in a new dimension; they had the possibility to create an intimate and private zone even in a public and hectic space as the City of New York.... ‘Twice Light’ is a perfect project to communicate what we believe our lamps can do: Create and define a personal space, a welcoming area, where you can relax and feel at home even if you are far away.”

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