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Gathering held for New York’s top designers and architects
Oct 6, 2015

New York’s Little Elves, SilverLining Interiors and The Ruffled Window hosted a gathering to celebrate architecture and design professionals at One Central Park Club on October 1. With appearances by Juan Montoya, Michael Gabellini, Darren Henault, Stan Ponte, Juergen Riehm and West Chin, the event hosted 100-plus mingling and networking guests from top New York design firms.

Robin Feuer, Josh Wiener and Sabrina Fierman

As designer Jennifer Post of Jennifer Post Design tells EAL, “It was just a great gathering of top professionals in our field celebrating friendship and great work. We salute Silver Lining and Little Elves. It was a first-class event." Eric Winnick, of E. Lawrence Design, shares, "The event is a great gathering point for many different individuals in the design world, it’s a time where we can come together and connect over the many common issues we all face in our business lives."

Urban Karlsson, Doria Kalt and Juan Montoya

Jennifer Post and West Chin; Robyn Pocker and Alana Frumkes

Mike Hanna, Katharine Knipfing, Kristi Ambrosetti, Ellie Johnson and Stan Ponte

Darren Henault, Ali Tayar, Katie Sutton, Dani Mazza and Alyssa Urban

Juergen Riehm and Michael Gabellini

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