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Gold-plate finish heralds 50th anniversary of Knoll-Platner Collection
Jul 10, 2015

Marking the golden anniversary of the Warren Platner Collection, Knoll is introducing a special 18-karat gold-plated finish to the line’s pieces. Designer Warren Platner had wanted to provide the finish as part of his original collection, but the necessary technology wasn’t available when it was introduced back in 1966. Each of the collection's pieces, except for the Easy Chair, will be available with the new finish.

Platner Coffee Table - 42"
Platner, who died in 2006, reflected on the design of the collection years ago: “I began to think about what I thought furniture, specifically a chair, really might be, starting with the philosophy that it isn’t going to be aggressively technological, or aggressively handicraft.” He continued, “As a designer, I felt there was room for the kind of decorative, gentle, graceful kind of design that appeared in period style, like Louis XV, but it could have a more rational base instead of being applied decoration…I thought, why separate support from the object? Just make it all one thing: [It] starts at the floor and comes up and envelops me, supports me."

Platner Stool
The iconic Platner collection was renowned for the designer's production techniques: each of the chairs produced necessitated more than a thousand welds and more than 100 cylindrical steel rods to create his signature intricate design. Discover more about Platner and his products online.

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