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Interior design fees and salary trends remain positive
Feb 2, 2011

The future of the interior design businesses is hopeful according to the Interior Design Fee & Salary Survey report* released yesterday by Gail Doby, founder of design consultancy Design Success University.
A few key statistics from the report are as follows: 13.3% maintained staff levels during 2009 - 2010; 7.6% added staff; 10.3% either started outsourcing, or outsourced more; 26% of the designers said their business increased from mid 2009 - mid 2010; 67.8% expected business to increase during the calendar year 2010; 19.5% of interior designers grossed $200,001 - $2,000,000; and 28.5% offered a flat fee compared to 5.6% in 2009.
"Designers who survived the last few years must do business differently to succeed and thrive in the future," said Doby. "Consumers demand exceptional service, fee transparency, value-based fees and control of purchasing their own products on the Internet. Interior designers must adapt quickly, focus on their ideal client and narrow their niche to become a trusted interior design professional."
The report includes salaries, interior design fees, and strategies to increase revenue and profits during 2011. A complimentary copy is available online.
*The survey included 765 U.S. and Canadian interior designers in July/August 2010.

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