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International artisans take center stage at new e-commerce site
Jul 8, 2016

Shop-meets-artist-showcase Maison Numen recently launched to bring products, and stories, sourced the world over to designers and other customers. The first shop’s collection, Latin Animae Vol. 1, has debuted with 193 pieces from 35 designers and artisans from Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, Peru and Colombia, and includes baskets, blankets, throws, ceramic vessels, wooden bowls, trays and utensils, plus decorative accessories. Jessica Macias, Maison Numen’s co-founder, chats with EAL about the evolution of the idea and what designers can expect.

Océano Talavera pendant lamp; handmade and painted by artisans in Mexico

Tell us about your process for starting the site. How did the idea originate?
Maison Numen was born out of a love for uncovering handcrafted objects on my own travels. As I learned about the stories behind each piece, I thought it would be a great idea to share these fascinating tales of objects and their history. All the products available on our website are products one can only buy if travelling to the countries where these are made. I wanted to be able to bring these products out to the world.

Yanomami Wii Basket, created in Venezuela

Do you have plans to offer a trade program? What are some of the benefits for designers shopping the site?
Yes, we are open to trade on a case-by-case basis, initially. We take a very personal approach to the products that we sell, as we like to tell the stories of the makers and craftspeople we work with, which is an added bonus for interior decorators shopping on Maison Numen. Our products are very special and go through a curatorial process.

Hand-woven cushions by the Morera Workshop in Venezuela

How often will you add new artisans? Which ones are you most excited to profile?
We have no rush. We take our time to plan tours around the world and meet new artisans and designers. This year, we are focusing on Latin America , U.K. and Italy. We will be adding makers and new pieces throughout the whole year. As we meet all our artisans, we know their inspiration and techniques, their savoir faire. I really found all of them wonderful, exciting and unique.

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