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Leading Latin showhouse to open in U.S. for the first time
May 11, 2016

Latin America’s premier design event is coming to the U.S. Casa Cor, which was founded in São Paulo three decades ago and has since expanded throughout Brazil and Latin America, will launch in Miami on April 15, 2017. A projected 600,000 visitors will attend 23 Casa Cor showhouse events this year.

Roberto Migotto for Casa Cor São Paulo 2013

Giancarlo Civita, chairman of Abril, Casa Cor’s parent company, and Antonio Barreto, CEO of Casa Cor Miami, hosted a dinner at Faena Hotel Miami Beach to discuss the showhouse. “We are very happy and honored to be launching Casa Cor here in Miami,” Civita said to a table of 20 designers, architects, landscape architects and manufacturers representing local, national and international markets. The city “is the obvious gateway for Casa Cor to the United States.”

Paola Ribeiro for Casa Cor Rio de Janeiro 2015; Marcelo Faisal for Casa Cor São Paulo 2015

“Miami is an exciting market of diverse and rich cultures, a perfect canvas for designers to exhibit their best work and one of the most creative cities in the Americas,” Barreto said at the dinner. “Casa Cor will showcase our designers’ work to the world.”

Giancarlo Civita, chairman of Abril

Desmond Keogh, Casa Cor Miami CEO Antonio Barreto, John Hall Nelson, Jr.

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