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LED lighting use is on the rise, says study
Jul 21, 2016

Sixty-plus percent of Americans believe that “smart lighting” is a smart choice, according to a survey run by lighting manufacturer Ledvance. Asking respondents about energy-efficient lighting and their awareness of lighting trends, the eighth annual Sylvania Socket Survey found an uptick in respondents’ use of LED lighting. Lighting is also one of the top smart-technology products owned by Americans, with an increase of 40 percent in use since last year.

LED lighting use is on the rise, says study
Urban Electric Co.'s Pop light, in hewn brass with custom wallpaper inset and LED filament clear bulb

“We are bringing the future of smart connected lighting to consumers and businesses now,” says Aaron Ganick, head of Smart Home Americas, a division of Ledvance. “Our research shows that smart connected lighting adoption will continue to rise, and our focus is on developing the next generation of lighting and accessories to meet this demand. In addition, we believe that interoperability through the use of open standards will also aid in more people benefiting from this technology, which is why partnering with other leaders in this space is a major focus for us.”

The survey also showed:

Almost 70 percent of Americans have bought at least one LED bulb.

48 percent have purchased at least one in the last 12 months, a 17 percent rise since last year’s survey.

80 percent noted that there is space in their homes that could benefit from the use of smart lighting.

“We believe in delivering the right Sylvania light for the right application by providing both traditional and LED lighting solutions, in addition to making the smart home more of a reality,” says Pamela Price, retail marketing manager at Ledvance. “Our Sylvania Socket Survey findings show more people are turning to long-life, energy-efficient LED products, and in turn, saving energy and resources and helping to preserve our planet.”

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