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Madura opens new, colorful NYC flagship
Sep 21, 2015

French linens brand Madura opened its new three-floor flagship store in the Flatiron District with a September 16 party, inviting designers and industry pros to discover 20-foot pillow walls and an interactive pillow bar. Charles-Henri Cousin, managing director of Madura in the U.S., shared with EAL details about the brand’s second New York location.

Courtesy Madura

“New York was the best starting point for us because of its booming design community. We’ve been on the Upper East Side but knew Flatiron is a destination for designers, making this flagship location perfect for us. It took two years to create the retail showroom that we wanted, and we’re thrilled with this representation of Madura in the U.S.,” says Cousin. “There is an added value to the tactile element of shopping in-store. Our customers are always impressed when they are able to experience the quality, texture and finishings of our designs firsthand—the details of embroidery, the quality of curtain panels, the ease of shopping for pillow covers.”

Courtesy Madura

Madura stocks more than 300 pillow designs, 1,000 curtains and an array of bedding, as well as home and fashion accessories. As for the store’s most exciting features, Cousin says: “All of our selections are ready-made, so there is no lead time. The extensive aesthetic when it comes to curtains makes it easy for customers to find something to match any taste. And since everything is ready to use and includes hemming tape—we are a great solution for finishing details of a project. In terms of shopping features, we have two 20-foot pillow walls showcasing our designs, along with an interactive pillow bar that’s set up like old record-store displays for easy browsing.”

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