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Magazines to play digital tour guide at Brimfield
May 12, 2015

Yankee Magazine and The DB Mag will serve as tour curators, tour guides and navigators for shoppers from afar during the Brimfield Antique Fair on May 12. The extensive fair, which is offered in May, July and September each year, is packed with approximately 6,000 stalls and held in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

Courtesy Yankee Magazine
Experts from Yankee Magazine and The DB Mag will tackle different areas of the fair and share their favorite finds via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They’ll also provide details including a description, contact and buying information, and prices for shoppers, who can search for items in real time using the hashtag #brimfieldfinds. The fair will unfold over three days, May 12 to 15, though the magazines’ expert teams will be on site for the first day of festivities.

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