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Malene B. debuts carpet collection with Kravet
Sep 1, 2016

Malene Barnett, aka Malene B., has launched a custom Tibetan carpet collection with Kravet. Hand-knotted in Nepal using a unique weaving technique, the carpets evoke the landscapes of tropical islands.

Ocean (left) and Azucar, from Malene B.'s new carpet collection for Kravet

“I get inspired by learning about my heritage and culture, people and places from around the world and participating in cultural ceremonies,” says Barnett. The Brooklyn-based designer is the child of Caribbean immigrants and has traveled to 25-plus countries. “I travel as often as I can to experience new things, and this keeps me inspired.”

The custom offerings in her collection for Kravet include Onyx, Ocean, Moon, Henna, Parquet (taking its influence from the wooden flooring’s geometric pattern), and Azucar (the Spanish word for sugar, named for the abandoned Domino Sugar refinery in Williamsburg).

Malene B.

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