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Marks & Frantz transforms HOULÈS showroom
May 21, 2015

Lydia Marks and Lisa Frantz, whose design firm Marks & Frantz crosses the boundaries of film, television, interior and products, evoked a gorgeous indoor flower garden within the HOULÈS showroom for a kickoff Spring Market discussion, “Blooms with a View, Spring into Design.”

“Spring is about blooming color, fresh ideas and unexpected surprises,” shared showroom manager Mary Meisenzahl, “so Lydia and Lisa spoke about the newest trends in color, trim and techniques and applications.” The designer pair’s presentation acquainted guests with Marks & Frantz's work, particularly with trim. “Before we got to know HOULÈS,” said Marks, “we never used trim. Now, we do not do a project without it.”

Bright florals feature heavily in the trim collection at HOULÈS.
Guests, including such notable attendees as Julien Djadane, Lauren Jurgensen and Brie Savage of HOULÈS, as well as textile stylist Maki Yamamoto and publicist Jan MacLatchie, were treated to an open bar and passed hors d’oeuvres in the thoughtfully—and florally—reimagined showroom.

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