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Mathieu Lehanneur creates capsule to cure jetlag
Sep 19, 2010

At the request of Veuve Clicquot, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur created a space to allow guests at the Hôtel du Marc to recover as quickly as possible from jetlag during London Design Festival

Designed to help people rapidly recuperate and adapt to their new surroundings, Once upon a dream is based on tested psychological studies used in sleep treatment clinics to help cure chronic insomnia—an especially fitting theme considering the fact that Madame Clicquot  (1777-1866) herself was a notorious insomniac. 

The capsule, characteristic of the innovative spirit found in Mathieu Lehanneur’s works, will be previewed at the London Design Festival, before coming to "rest" at the Hôtel du Marc in 2011.

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