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New company twelvehome offers consumers predesigned room schemes
May 15, 2017

A new interior brand, TWELVEHOME, co-founded by interior designer Christi Rogers and marketer Paige Kramer, has launched its first offering: seven predesigned room schemes with soft finishings, lighting, rugs, wall art and wall treatments. Available for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and more, the schemes are customizable and offer a number of features including handwoven Nepalese rugs, limited-edition artwork and other options.

Founders Paige Kramer and Christi Rogers
Twelvehome founders Paige Kramer and Christi Rogers

The direct-to-consumer brand spans full-room options and multiple sizes in soft goods, with room packages starting at $1,749 and individual items ranging from $89 (for a pillow) to $3,725 (for a bespoke rug).

Waverly Room collection
Waverly Room collection

“With digital DIY inspiration, a broadened range of product offerings and accessibility to high-end vendors, there is a unique opportunity for one to flex their own design capabilities without the trained eye of an interior designer," says Rogers. "Twelvehome was born when Paige and I observed there was a lack of knowledge with balancing color, layering textures and practically fabricating for these self-designers. The room offerings of twelvehome give you the essentials for a beautifully layered, unique room and allows you to visualize the end product and effortlessly implement your personal style."

“When designing a space, there is an emotional element within the conceptual process, creating an environment that will live in one's home," shares Kramer. "Christi and I are drawn to designs that have character and depth when shopping the fabric market, and work toward creating concepts that are adaptable to personal style. A light, delicate twelvehome palette can be paired with a punchy limited-edition print to juxtapose the softness of the space and infuse an individual attitude."

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