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New design center concept opens in Chelsea at ALB
Oct 24, 2011

Designed by Luca Andrisani Design + Interiors, the ALB Design Center is approximately 16,000 sq. ft. and will showcase custom interior luxury product lines from Anthony Lawrence Belfair, Holland & Sherry, Julia B., Artisans of the Anvil, Nina Helms and VW Home by Vicente Wolf.
The new design center concept will open its doors in Chelsea at 53rd West 23rd St in New York City on November 10, with an opening reception that evening.
New design center concept opens in Chelsea at ALB
ALB is a diversified group of companies which is invested in the hospitality, financial services, technology, food and snack service, custom furniture manufacturing and the Design Center.
"Our Design Center is not similar to other centers; we will provide to designers a convenient, seamless and unique shopping experience for customers of luxury products and services," said Joe Lawrence of ALB.

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