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New design series showcases editor’s work in San Francisco
Oct 9, 2015

Furniture company Room & Board San Francisco recently premiered the Discover New Design series, a program featuring three local area design pros who have created vignettes that reflect the brand’s style. Last month, Alisa Carroll, editor in chief of SFC&G (San Francisco Cottages & Gardens) debuted her vignette, Minimalist’s Lounge, which takes its inspiration from Richard Serra, Tadao Ando and John Pawson.

Carroll's room; courtesy Drew Alitzer Photography

“My job is literally to edit,” says Carroll. “So my instinct is to pare things down to their essence while maintaining the poetry of the language, whether it’s textual or visual.” Carroll decided on Room & Board’s concrete “bunker room.” As she explains, “I began with sculptural black steel benches, which remind me a bit of Serra and which also have the monastic feel of John Pawson’s work. Keeping the interior design reductive also allows the industrial materials—concrete, steel and blackened wood—to shine.”

Alisa Carroll

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