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New street-art-focused gallery debuts in NYC
Apr 13, 2017

An entire floor of the 4 World Trade Center building, soon to be home to Spotify’s New York headquarters, has been reimagined into a street-art gallery. The space hosts different sections: a fine-art-driven area, which faces east; a fantasy/comic-style area facing west; and text-based art facing south.

“Cosmic Tower,” by Brooklyn-based artist Stickymonger

The artists were invited to participate as part of real estate developer Silverstein Properties’ artist residency program. The skyscraper itself was brought to life by Pritzker Prize–winning architect Fumihiko Maki.

“Flying Stripes,” by Bay Area artist Lauren YS

Robert Marcucci, a creative consultant for the developer, told The New York Times that the juxtaposition of street artists and the elegant skyscraper space is “contradiction on all levels” and a “blend of both inner-city street art tension and fine-art meditation.”

“Past, Present, Future NYC,” by Chinon Maria

Among the showcased art: murals composed of black “stickers” cut from giant sheets of vinyl by artist Stickymonger and a large-scale $10 bill by David Hollier, which is located in the gallery facing the graveyard at Trinity Church, where Alexander Hamilton himself is buried.

Inside the gallery opening

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