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Newel unveils new showroom on East 61st Street, Manhattan
Dec 7, 2015

Designers Jim Aman, John Meeks, Kathryn Scott, Michael Arguello, Geoffrey Bradfield, Tyler Pankratz and Charles Pavarini were among the 500 attendees who gathered to celebrate the opening of Newel’s new showroom last month. Newel, open in New York since the 1930s, is expanding with the new space, which was designed and staged by Aman and Meeks Design.

Chad Stark, Trey LaFave, Michael Arguello, Jake Baer and Alberto Villalobos

Noah, Yuliya and Lorraine Baer; Guy Regal and Adam Greenberger

Adam Greenberger and Tori Mellott; Jim Aman, Laura Aman and John Meeks

“I was more than pleased with the fabulous turnout of friends, family and supporters at our Grand Opening. All of these individuals have made Newel what it is today! We also had new faces join us in what was an incredible evening of laughter and discovery. My whole team is thrilled to be entering this exciting new chapter in our history in such a beautiful space,” shared Jake Baer, CEO.

Guy Regal, Vincent Vallarino and Ethan Vallarino

Michael Arguello,
Robin Tobin and Geoffrey Bradfield; Lewis and Jake Baer

Other guests included Justine Barnes of 1stDibs; Tori Mellott of Traditional Home; Lisa and James Cohen of Galleries Magazine; Guy Regal, executive managing director at Newel; Nicole Kapit, gallery director at Newel; Lewis Baer, managing principal owner at Newel, and his wife, Lorraine Baer; and Chad Stark of STARK. Guests enjoyed a blend of French and Italian house-inspired jazz, Bossanova and array of beats and remixes, inspired by the showroom’s contemporary art and midcentury design, spun by DJ Spencer Gervasoni.

Jim Aman, Lisa-Thi Beskar, John Meeks, Deann Arce and Paul Baron von Urban

Valerie Thompson, Serena Casidelli, Diana Yeo, Nicole Kapit and Maryann Watson

The new showroom is located at 306 East 61st Street, 3rd Floor, in New York.

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