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Office-warming party welcomed designers to new space
Jun 10, 2015

Lighting and antiques dealer David Duncan and publicist Michael McGraw welcomed new neighbors, designers Lindsey Coral Harper, Max Sinsteden, and Catherine Olasky, to their offices at 247 East 60th Street in Manhattan with a June 8 cocktail party.
Notable attendees, including Orli Ben-Dor, Stacey Bewkes, Annie Block, Jeffrey Caldwell, Mercedes Desio, Sophie Donelson, Steven Elrod, Harry Heissmann, Will Kahn, Todd Klein, Marisa Marcantonio, Tori Mellott, Charlotte Moss, Carol Prisant, Elizabeth Pyne, Robert Rufino, Georgina Schaeffer, Hunt Slonem, Christopher Spitzmiller and Alberto Villalobos, enjoyed pimento cheese, in recognition of Harper’s southern roots, as well as tea sandwiches and chilled rosé.

Sophie Donelson, Michael McGraw and Stacey Bewkes

Hunt Slonem, Harry Heissmann; Sarah Rinehart, Lindsey Coral Harper and Fleming James
"I love going to work in this space every single day. We are so close to the major design resources, like the D&D and the Art & Design building," says Harper. "But it's also amazing to be in a townhouse of friends who live and love design as much as I do."

David Duncan, Carol Prisant, Todd Klein and Charlotte Moss
Harper, who hails from Georgia, interned with Ralph Lauren and began working in New York City with Richard Keith Langham. She opened her own firm in 2007. Her new office is located on the second floor of the 247 East 60th Street townhouse. Interior design firm Olasky & Sinsteden, formed in 2009 by Olasky and Sinsteden, is also located on the second floor. Olasky and Sinsteden arrived in New York via London and have worked at such distinguished firms as Bunny Williams, Colefax & Fowler, David Easton, and Charlotte Moss.

Max Sinsteden, Christopher Spitzmiller, Robert Rufino and Stephen Elrod

Catherine Olasky, Sinsteden and Allison Caccoma; Tori Mellott and Orli Ben-Dor

Elizabeth Pyne, Jeffrey Caldwell, Mercedes Desio and Alberto Villalobos

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