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Open House New York debuts Brooklyn tour
May 27, 2016

Field Guide: North Brooklyn, a program of Open House New York, will explore gentrification and neighborhood change in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. The self-guided walking tour will wind through the neighborhoods, where various sites, including design studios, fabrication shops, landmarks and cultural centers, will offer tours, talks and demonstrations. Open House New York celebrates design and planning, and provides access to buildings, infrastructure and public spaces throughout New York.

Open House New York debuts Brooklyn tour
Graffiti (detail) by RRobots, North 3rd Street and Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg. Photo courtesy Flickr/ichsageuchmalwas, 2014

“The incredibly diverse mix of activities and uses in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, which grows out of the area’s history as a hub of industry and manufacturing, is what made these neighborhoods so attractive to a lot of new residents,” says Open House New York executive director Gregory Wessner. “Field Guide will give the public a chance to take stock of what the area has meant to New York in the past, and how it can continue to thrive in the future.”

Participating design and architecture firms include City Reliquary, FACE Design & Fabrication, Joseph Vance Architects, Kin & Company, Tacklebox Architecture and others. Field Guide: North Brooklyn will be held on Saturday, June 11, from 1 to 5 p.m. Get the full scoop.

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