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Pratt’s new symposium brings together design leaders
Nov 16, 2016

Pratt Institute’s inaugural “Design Is the New Currency” symposium, held at Whitney Museum of American Art earlier this month hosted 200-plus designers, industry professionals and others across realms including architecture, beauty and packaging. The event featured architect David Rockwell, interior designer Juan Montoya, and designers Michele Oka Doner and James Gager discussing their work and design at large. 

Pratt’s new symposium brings together design leaders
James Gager, Juan Montoya, Michele Oka Doner, David Rockwell, Marc Rosen and Juliana Terian; courtesy Andrew Werner

Hosted by the Marc Rosen Educational Fund at Pratt Institute, the summit speakers focused on the art of design, the meaning of design, and design’s impact on consumer behavior, all viewed through the lenses of their own work. Multidisciplinary designer Doner shared, “What is design’s new currency? It’s a license to create with your own philosophy.” Gager reflected, “When an individual can customize designs, the design becomes the currency for personal branding and self-expression.”

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