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Publicolor design studio celebrates at-risk students’ design
Aug 14, 2015

Publicolor, the nonprofit that brings design programs to at-risk youth, celebrated its summer program with a closing ceremony this week. Through a partnership with Pratt Institute, Publicolor's summer program introduced underperforming students from low-income neighborhoods to the college experience, complete with S.A.T. preparation classes, computer literacy seminars, museum tours and more, thus encouraging the students to achieve their dreams of going to college. Seventy-plus students attended the seven-week program, which focused on teaching product and textile design. The Wednesday ceremony spotlighted students' work in textiles, pattern-making, weaving and sewing.

Publicolor design studio celebrates at-risk students’ design
Students learn sewing, textile design and other design concepts along with college pr

Founder Ruth Lande Shuman shares with EAL, “From the time I was a teenager, I wanted to work with high-risk students, and I wanted to find a way to use my talents to help them. Design thinking is a gift. We’re teaching our kids to think strategically, analytically, to work collaboratively, to creatively problem-solve.”

Programming runs throughout the year, but the summer session is broken down into four workshops, teaching kids concepts and skills as diverse as color dynamics, the golden proportion, Japanese tie-dying techniques, screen printing and weaving, in addition to the college prep programming.

Learn more about Publicolor's lineup of programs and how to contribute.

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