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Ralph Pucci debuts Hervé Van der Straeten exhibit
Oct 27, 2016

Beginning November 9, Ralph Pucci's New York location will host Paris-based Hervé Van der Straeten’s first U.S. show since 2013, with pieces spanning convex mirrors, the Exposure Table, a Palladio granite top piece with a three-foot base, and others. 

Hip Hop Chandelier; 
Yoko Mirror in anodized aluminum, limited edition of 20

“Synchronization refers to movement; all of my new designs have lots of angles, in this show even more so than my usual,” explains Van der Straeten, who has been represented by Pucci since 2005. “There’s always a dialogue between the pieces, almost something musical, moving from one more massive piece like an armoire to something very light, almost gravity-defying, to something very bold in color.”Among the exhibit’s themes are convex shapes, which appear in the Yoko Mirror, an electric blue mirror crafted of anodized aluminum. Explains the designer, “It’s very industrial, but I use very precise metalwork and an unexpected color.” Also showcased will be origami-inspired consoles and lighting. 

Hervé Van der Straeten

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