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Show explores ‘space between’ design and craftsmanship
Mar 24, 2015

Typically, the terms artist and artisan, designer and craftsman, and architecture and object are related, but distinct. An exhibition by designers Felicia Ferrone and Christopher Gentner, The Space in Between, explores how boundaries between those terms can be blurred.
Show explores ‘space between’ design and craftsmanship
Felicia Ferrone and Christopher Gentner.
The exhibition, presented by Pavilion Antiques and Refined Haystack, features new work, and never-before-seen works from Ferrone’s and Gentner’s private collections. For the exhibition, Ferrone, who has worked in Milan for years, designed pieces that explore the architecture of objects through simplicity and whimsy. Her work is produced in small batches by top artisans. Gentner’s work, meanwhile, is sculptural and detailed, its delicate craftsmanship described as “at the crossroads of art and design.” He crafts both his furniture and personal works as one-of-a-kind pieces and in small editions.
Show explores ‘space between’ design and craftsmanship
The Space in Between features objects ranging from furniture to jewelry in its own storage case, and allows viewers to understand the sense of intimacy between artistic expression and the artist. It is on view at Pavilion until April 4.
Show explores ‘space between’ design and craftsmanship
Images courtesy of Pavilion Antiques.

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