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STARK and Newel celebrate with summertime cocktails
Jun 16, 2016

On June 8, a hundred-plus designers and other industry pros celebrated the start of the season with Chad Stark, senior vice president of STARK, and Jake Baer, CEO of Newel, at the home of Steven and Candice Stark. The “Kick Off to Summer” party drew notable guests including Garrow Kedigian, Elizabeth Pyne, Brian del Toro, Sophie Donelson, Sasha Bikoff, Johanna Barger, Antonino Buzzetta, Brooks Collier, Sarah DePalo, Alyssa Kapito, Vivian Muller, Robert Passal, Kevin Dumais, Lili Hart, Katie Miller, Ben Knox, Christopher Spaulding and Alberto Villalobos. 

Jake Baer and Chad Stark

“After what felt like a never-ending winter, we were thrilled to celebrate the start of summer with so many of our friends and peers,” shared Stark. “Jake and I have greatly enjoyed getting to know so many up-and-coming designers through the dinners we have been hosting this year, which we’re pleased to say, have really become ‘a thing’! We look forward to starting them up again this fall, so designers—watch your inboxes!”

Alberto Villalobos, Harry Heissmann, Kati Curtis and Chad Stark

Chad Stark, Jessica Alex, Josh Pickering and Ashley Stark

Brooks Collier, Ron Marvin, Kevin Dumais and Charlie Dumais

Baer tells EAL, “It was absolutely incredible having so many next-generation designers come out and join Chad and me for an evening celebrating the summer season ahead. Over the past few months, we’ve coordinated a series of Young Designer dinners with both of our companies, Newel and STARK, joining forces in bringing together some of the best talent in the industry. I’m excited to have a pulse on that talent, to build relationships, and most importantly, to have fun in the process!”

Allison Eddy, Lee Cavanaugh, Claire Ratliff, Amanda Darnell, Sarah DePalo and Chad Stark

Vivian Muller, Alberto Villalobos and Robert Passal

Kelsey Pethybridge, Jake Baer and Daniel VanHall

Sasha Bikoff and Chad Stark

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