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Steve Jobs applies Apple design principles to new home
Sep 28, 2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has hired Bohlin Cywinski Jackson —the architectural firm that built Apple's most iconic stores—to build his new home in Woodside, California.
Jobs has been petitioning for the right to tear down the current structure, a 14-room, 1925 Spanish Colonial Revival home so that he can erect a smaller, contemporary style home for his family.
Preservationists have opposed the effort, advocating that it is one of the few remaining examples of a this style home and too rare to destroy. They also allege that Jobs intentionally let the house fall apart so that it would be easier to justify a case for tearing it down.
According to plans he released, the new house is to be a modest five bedroom home with a pared-down modernist sensibility. The property will be efficient, practical, and minimal—and have numerous windows and decks; a network of lighted stone walkways; a private vegetable garden; and an assortment of indigenous flora.
According to estimates, the new home building process will take about 22 months.

Jackling mansion currently occupying the property.

Projects by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects.

Plans for Jobs new home. Courtesy Gizmodo.

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