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Tai Ping new collection charts transformative decade
Jun 15, 2015

"Anth10gy," a retrospective collection that celebrates the last 10 years of Tai Ping’s six-decade heritage, premiered with a preview at the company’s Flatiron showroom on June 8. Founded in 1956 in Hong Kong to preserve the ancient art of hand-tufting during the Cultural Revolution, Tai Ping has undergone a number of important changes from 2005 to 2015, with the brand’s iconic designs reworked but retaining authenticity and craftsmanship. Each of its carpets, which are known for their three-dimensional and gradiated effects, is entirely hand-tufted. The dye and much of the yarn are also made in-house.

Tai Ping's Ephemera design, with Semi-Worsted Wool

Tai Ping's Palatine design, with Dull Silk and Wool

Details of the Palatine and Ephemera patterns
“We really celebrate this know-how,” Global Creative Director Jean-Pierre Tortil shared with EAL of the time-tested techniques. “Each rug coming out of the workshop is a unique piece. This is what and who we are.”

Tai Ping's Axis pattern

While “the core business is bespoke” and involves collaborating with designers to develop designs around a theme or project, the company is also now seeking distribution networks, with a selection of rugs and preset offerings—size, color, design—available to the public. Anth10gy’s inspiration is a reflection, and a re-imagination, of the past, says Tortil. “We need to take time to look back before we decide what the future is going to be.”

Details of the Chiyogami design, with Dull Silk and Wool

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