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Tamara Stephenson and Susan Young introduce Root Cellar
Apr 30, 2015

Interior designer and author of the blog Nest by Tamara Tamara Stephenson and fashion designer Susan Young have teamed up to produce a new home accents and décor brand, Root Cellar Designs. The debut line, Fashion Forward, features fabrics and accessories inspired by antique textiles, but updated with a modern color palette.
Root Cellar Designs will include collections of decorative pillows, napkins, tablecloths and tea towels—all made in the U.S.A.

Stephenson and Young. Photo courtesy Nest Nest Nest.
“We custom-create all of our designs and develop them in a unique process that blends the best elements, utilizing design principles from both the interior design and fashion worlds,” said Young. “We are committed to making these wares here locally in New York City.”

Root Cellar's line of decorative home goods, including pillows, is produced in New York City.
Stephenson and Young have had a long friendship, since their days as college roommates, and had often discussed working together, according to Stephenson. They draw inspiration from a multitude of sources, including home design trade shows, modern artists and nature, among others.

The line evokes vintage photography and clothing, architecture and antique influences.
“Primarily, we are moved by items such as antique prints and illustration, designs on historic architecture, vintage black and white photography, the detailing on vintage garments and lots of beautiful color combining,” said Stephenson.

Root Cellar's initial inspiration emerged from 18th-century fashion illustrations.
The Fashion Forward collection was made to illustrate the blending of the interior and fashion design worlds embodied by Young and Stephenson’s partnership. Using 18th-century fashion illustrations as a starting point, the designers reworked the color palettes and added embellishments before printing the designs on a heavy cotton and linen fabric.

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