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Textile design exhibition opening at NYDC
Jun 2, 2015

Textiles from rising MFA talents at the Rhode Island School of Design will be unveiled tomorrow with an opening reception and presentation of the Sherri Donghia Award of Achievement at the New York Design Center. Work from designers including 2015 MFA candidates Jungil Hong, Denise Maroney, Dharun Rao Palakodety, Dakota Tracht, Emily Winter and Hye Seong Yun will be on exhibit at the 1stdibs Gallery at NYDC, from June 3 to June 12, Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Maroney's Path of the Bees thesis installation
Some of the highlights include Winter's "Over/Under" textiles, which explores the many relationships between cloth and weaving; Maroney’s “Path of the Bees,” inspired by its creator’s visit to a woman’s mosque in Damascus and drawing upon embroidery, Arabic calligraphy, pleating and screen-printing technique; and Yun’s “Intangible Moments,” a hand-dyed cloth collection created using a color-layering process that calls to mind the “beauty embedded in our lives and the value of mundane moments.”

Over/Under textiles

The RISD MFA Textiles program centers on woven, knit and surface design of fabrics used for interiors and apparel, with the first year of study focused on expanding skills, including digital technology use, and building upon students’ creative backgrounds, while the second year lets students explore weaving, knitting or surface designing in depth, with a final-semester thesis project that involves studio work and writing.

Jungil Hong's
Bitmap textiles

Rao's selection of textiles

Hye Seong Yun's
Intangible Moments installation

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