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Turkish rug company Cinar celebrates first New York flagship
Oct 7, 2015

Cinar New York’s grand opening on October 1 welcomed about 80 attendees to the rug store’s new outpost, among them Lauren Taschen, Matthias and Donovan Vriens-McGrath, Brett and Susan Tejpaul, Jorge Arango, Donnie and Teri Molls, Stephanie Odegard, Cristina Estadella, Karla Farach, Jeremy Dowling, Mikhail Dantes, Pia and Gloria Gargiulo, Paul Melo and Brian Snow. Guests, some of whom flew in from Chicago and Los Angeles, Turkey and Europe, enjoyed live music provided by a Turkish band and traditional Turkish dancing until late in the evening. The new showroom is located at 231 East 58th St. in New York.

The new Cinar showroom

Katharina Plath, Stephanie Odegard and Sabine Matzen

Katie Urban

Cinar, which means “maple tree” in Turkish, was founded in 1935, in Kayseri, Turkey, and was first introduced to the United States in 2012, when managing partner Mia Gargiulo showcased the brand’s rugs in private showings in New York and Chicago. Says Mehmet Cinar, a descendant of the original founders who now leads the company’s creative team with his brother Hassan: “We are thrilled to marry our Turkish artistry with the vibrancy of New York City. For each one of us at Cinar, this launch represents a connectivity to craft and to art, and an extension of Turkey here in New York.”

Mia Gargiulo, Pelin Cinar, Funda Cinar, Mehmet Cinar and Ahmet Cinar

Cristina Estadella, Michelle Berkowitz and Stephanie Cain

Brian Snow, Pia Gargiulo and Marshall Erb

Teri Molls, Donnie Molls, Donovan Vrines, Mehmet Cinar, Matthias Vrines, Mia Gargiulo, Lauren Taschen

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