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UK flooring start-up Atrafloor creates custom-printed flooring
Mar 30, 2017

Atrafloor, a newly formed start-up founded in 2016 by U.K.-based wallcovering company Milexa, is producing custom-designed vinyl flooring for designer and consumer clients worldwide.

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“We want to change the way people see flooring by bringing high quality, high design and the latest trends to the market,” says Richard Wilde, founder and managing director of Atrafloor and Milexa. “Propelled by our innovative flooring designs and thoroughly unique product, we aim to provide a new way for customers to express themselves through design.”


Designers can select and print any design, image or photo onto the brand’s vinyl flooring, which is produced via a process that is completed fully in-house, from design to manufacturing.

Anna Fell of the brand’s public relations team says the inspiration for the company is “bringing cutting-edge products to the flooring industry, allowing people to see floors as a space to incorporate great design.” Explains Fell, “The team at Atrafloor designs flooring to improve people’s experiences in the spaces they occupy. They believe that flooring is often overlooked as a design solution, and are committed to making it an exciting, innovative and fun aspect of interior design.”

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