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World Festival of Interiors announces shortlist for Global Awards
Sep 6, 2011

By Alexandra Rosario
The inaugural Inside, World Festival of Interiors has shortlisted 41 projects for its Global Awards Program, weighing the world’s best designers against each other to find the best interior space of the year. To be held this year in Barcelona from November 2 to 4, this exciting new event celebrates the finest interiors and their creators.
The worldwide projects in competition are:

Ipes House, Brazil

Residential: Chateau d’eau, Belgium; Ipes house, Brazil; Manor house, U.K.; Streilein Warehouse, Australia; and SWITCH, Japan.

Victoria and Albert Museum, Cermamics Study Galleries, U.K.
Display: India International Jewelry Show, India; The Johnnie Walker House, China; Urbanian Pavillion World Expo Shanghai 2010, China; and Victoria and Albert Museum, Ceramics Study Galleries, U.K.

Aman New Delhi, India
Hotels: Aman New Delhi, India; Furama Silom Hotel, Thailand; Glass Diamond, Switzerland; Hotel NUTS, Japan; Hoxton Hotel Prototype Room, U.K.; Raas Jodhpur, India; and The Waterhouse at South Bund, China.

Skype, Sweden
Offices: Bar Code Office, Singapore; Skype, Sweden; Studio SH, Brazil; SWITCH, Japan; and The Black Box, China.

Louis Vuitton New Bond Street, U.K.
Retail: Chanel Soho, U.S.; Crumpler, Australia; Hostem, U.K.; Louis Vuitton New Bond Street, U.K.; and Refuse, Mexico.

Lauren's Church, A Monument Filled With Stories, Netherlands
Creative Re-use: Alemanys5, Spain; Employee’s Cafeteria of a Swiss Bank, Switzerland; Lauren’s Church, a Monument filled with Stories, Netherlands; and St. Barbara Bastions, Malta.

State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Australia
Culture and Civic: Cultural Centre, Czech Republic; Football Training Center/Sowuto, South Africa; IKSV Salon, Turkey; State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, Australia; and Zwi Peres Chajes Synagoge, Austria.
Bars and Restaurants: Chilango Chancery Lane, U.K.; M coffee, Iran; Mister Close, Australia; and Niseko Look Out Café, Japan; Table No. 1, China; and Weinerwald Corporate Architecture, Germany.

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