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Why designers are so angry with Houzz

weekly feature | March 21, 2018
Frustrations with the Houzz platform existed long before the IvyMark acquisition last month, but seem to have escalated ever since. On March 1, a group of designers introduced a petition outlining a list of demands of the platform, revolving around what they allege is inappropriate use of design... By Katy B. Olson & Melissa Studach

Why this Spring’s High Point Market is going to be so good

weekly feature | March 14, 2018
Our Designers’ Guide to High Point Market will hit the virtual shelf on March 29, and here’s an early peek at the highlights. We’ve done the work of bringing you the Market scoop so you can focus on the fun stuff (like ordering comfy shoes and finding an uninhabited hotel room on such short noti... By Taylor Barker, Katy B. Olson, Melissa Studach

How Paula Wallace designed a university

weekly feature | February 28, 2018
Before it developed additional campuses in Atlanta, Hong Kong and Lacoste, France, before it launched an effort to preserve more than 100 historic buildings, and before it graduated a student body of 35,000 spanning 70 countries, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) was a glimmer in the... By Melissa Studach

A look at Domino’s home staging business

weekly feature | February 21, 2018
Call it a poorly kept secret. Domino has been styling real estate properties since 2014—working with designers including Hernandez Green, Kapito Muller, Dekar, Jenny Norris, Antonino Buzzetta, J+G Design and Bennett Leifer on model apartments in notable buildings throughout Manhattan—but with li... By Katy B. Olson

Making design meaningful in the selfie age

weekly feature | January 31, 2018
A modern-day Ray Eames, French designer and filmmaker Nelly Ben Hayoun is the face of multidisciplinary design today. Her award-winning inventions include an immersive installation that creates the experience of a sonic boom, a reclining chair that simulates the stages of a rocket launch, and tw... By Katy B. Olson

Are you a celebrity designer? Ask Decorist

weekly feature | January 24, 2018
This is not the design-in-a-box service of yesterday. Decorist’s Celebrity design package is partnering digital clients—albeit remotely—with the design industry’s household names. (Think: India Hicks, Consort, Celerie Kemble, Brian Paquette, and Estee Stanley, for starters.) What does the servic... By Katy B. Olson

What happened to Pirch?

weekly feature | January 17, 2018
As far as elevator pitches go, it was a solid one: A try-before-you-buy upscale appliance showroom with two seasoned entrepreneurs at the helm that would shake up a then-stagnant home retail market. First came the substantial private equity support, with recognition from the industry’s top busin... By Melissa Studach

This international showhouse is big, and getting bigger

weekly feature | January 3, 2018
Casacor has been running showhouses for 30 years, but December’s CASACOR Miami was the first to step foot in the U.S. The showhouse chain has already run 26 exhibitions in six South and Latin American countries since its founding. The numbers alone are staggering: 300,000 attendees walked throug... By Katy B. Olson

Year in review: Our most popular stories of 2017

weekly feature | December 27, 2017
Mergers and acquisitions, major accusations, and big-name masthead shifts: It’s been a year of ups and downs in our industry—an industry not necessarily known for its high drama. Scope out the most popular stories of our year, as determined by you, dear reader, and relive the excitement that 201... By Katy B. Olson

Bienvenue a Paris! An interior designer's guide to Paris design week

weekly feature | December 13, 2017
Are you among the hundreds of American designers preparing for Deco Off and Maison et Objet? If not, there's still time to make it happen and plenty of reasons why you should. Get a head start on your Paris planning with our guide to all the goings-on, and keep your eye on this space—we'll cover... By Katy B. Olson
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