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Weekly Feature

Lily Kanter’s next act

weekly feature | May 16, 2018
Lily Kanter’s got a brand new bag—about 50 of them, actually, and they’re all in her just-launched catalog. Following over a decade as CEO and co-founder of casual-coastal decor brand Serena & Lily, Kanter now launches Boon Supply Co., an online retailer selling lifestyle products (BPA-free ... By Katy B. Olson

Your guide to tackling NYCxDesign

weekly feature | May 9, 2018
Happy New York design week—er, month? NYCxDesign, the city’s yearly celebration of all facets of design, has mushroomed into a veritable monthlong love affair. Technically speaking, NYCxDesign runs May 11 to 23, but many of our favorites have already started—and many others promise to keep the p... By Katy B. Olson & Melissa Studach

This collective meets marketplace concept answers retail woes

real estate | May 2, 2018
Radnor, a collective of brands in a series of residential pop-ups, isn’t just a genius merchandising and marketing play. It is also former Future Perfect collaborator Susan Clark’s answer to the brick-and-mortar conundrum: expensive real estate combined with declining showroom traffic. Radnor... By Katy B. Olson

How this design firm pulls off 12-day turnaround times

real estate | April 25, 2018
Two hundred and eighty-eight hours. That’s real estate agent turned stager turned entrepreneur Cheryl Eisen’s timeframe for designing and installing multimillion-dollar properties of all sizes. That turnaround time is not so much a gimmick as it is a bottom-line pillar of Eisen’s thriving 11-yea... By Katy B. Olson

Do designers still need licensing partners?

weekly feature | April 18, 2018
Considering heading down lone-wolf lane instead of getting tied down by a licensing partner? Some designers are finding that the risks of producing their own lines are higher, but the rewards can be greater. Startup culture is enjoying a moment. It’s both sexy and pervasive, from leafy Palo A... By Katy B. Olson

Why brands are investing in influencers

weekly feature | April 11, 2018
When IKEA launches a new store, it’s no coincidence that an Instagram influencer is among the first to announce the news. Long before the doors open, the Swedish furniture company works with influencers (aka bloggers, Instagrammers and local personalities who have garnered a loyal following) to ... By Melissa Studach

Selling millennials on tabletop

weekly feature | April 4, 2018
As with most everything else, millennials have disrupted the way tabletop brands find success. Now the world’s most populous age group, millennials get married later in life (at an average age of 27 for women and 29 for men, up from 20 and 23 in 1960)—and when they do, they’re not registering fo... By Katy B. Olson

Inside the joint venture of two legendary design firms

weekly feature | March 28, 2018
In a time when interior design firms—even big, iconic ones—can die with their founders, succession plans often go unaddressed. Architecture and design masters Linda Pinto and Thierry Despont have not only thought about their businesses’ futures, but have come up with a solution where one plus on... By Melissa Studach

Why designers are so angry with Houzz

weekly feature | March 21, 2018
Frustrations with the Houzz platform existed long before the IvyMark acquisition last month, but seem to have escalated ever since. On March 1, a group of designers introduced a petition outlining a list of demands of the platform, revolving around what they allege is inappropriate use of design... By Katy B. Olson & Melissa Studach

Why this Spring’s High Point Market is going to be so good

weekly feature | March 14, 2018
Our Designers’ Guide to High Point Market will hit the virtual shelf on March 29, and here’s an early peek at the highlights. We’ve done the work of bringing you the Market scoop so you can focus on the fun stuff (like ordering comfy shoes and finding an uninhabited hotel room on such short noti... By Taylor Barker, Katy B. Olson, Melissa Studach
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