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Trove nimbus 003 hr
Nimbus & Heze
Trove's new collection is ready for its close up. The multi-media wallcovering brand played with the photographic process for its latest designs. Exposing light to photographic paper using flashlights and fiber-optic toys, they produced a series of “paintings,” which became the basis for the new patterns, Nimbus and Heze. NIMBUS: A nod to the collection’s creative concept, Nimbus plays with dark and light. Nimbus clouds appear when a storm is about to break, a prelude to thunder and lightning. Its wide, gestural brush-strokes, evocative of those made from a paintbrush, seem to roll along the canvas like clouds in the sky. It is available in five colorways and measures 67 inches wide with no vertical repeat. HEZE: Heze displays graphic circles connected through blurred strokes of intense and unexpected color. Since geometry plays an inherent role in pattern making, Levin and Buck started with the circular motif, letting the light filter in and out to abstract the form. With Heze, the organic elements of human gesture and light hinder the perfection represented by the mathematical impossibility of the circle. Heze features a unique over-sized scale of 12 feet high by 67 inches wide with no vertical repeat.