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Some things are so simple, that you ask yourself why no one thought of them before. And some things are so beautiful, purely because of the simplicity of the idea. The designer involved in this new collection conjured up a couple of beautiful motifs, by folding up paper in a particular way and then smoothing it out again. A fine layer of metallic lacquer was atomised onto the base and this gave the folds an extra dimension. He repeated the process and each time obtained a different yet unique effect. The way you fold determines the design. The repetitive patterns with their reliefs result in an intriguing whole on the wall. The patterns and movements which he creates with this technique, reminded him of the Coriolis effect. A swirling mass of clouds, spurred on by the circulating power of nature. From here the first design of this collection came into being: Medius. Medius is made up of blocks where from the midpoint, the paper is centrally secured and folds are made which radiate outwards until the image of a ray of sunshine is created. This design can turn any nondescript wall into an exceptional element in the space. The fold lines are also diagonal with Nubus, but they are mirrored in such a way that they create a diamond motif. The folds are further apart than in Ventus. With a bit of imagination you can see the ripples of the sea water, on the beach, where the waves expend their last bit of speed to roll over the sand. Coriolis is a hand-made, absolutely beautiful and timeless wallcovering collection. Where technique an beauty go hand in hand.