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Chiaroscuro wall
"The Walls of Venice" Collection
Rubelli, the over hundred-year-old family-run textile company, presents under its own brand name “The Walls of Venice”, its new wall covering collection, and does so with its own special style. Up until the early Nineties Rubelli had a vast collection of paper-backed textiles. Now the company is presenting a highly elaborate collection with strong visual impact: the result is the inextricable combination of tradition and innovation underlying the growth of the Venice company and introducing over the years totally new product types, such as flame-retardant and outdoor fabrics. In order to offer its customers an additional item and considering the growing interest in wall coverings, Rubelli decided to enter this arena too. It has therefore tackled a new type of product,creating a collection of 10 articles, all made with technical materials for easy hanging. The historic Venice company is offering a collection with the signature Rubelli style. The new wall covering is in fact the reproduction of some of the most significant Rubelli fabrics, using the same name and adding the word “Wall”. One example being San Marco, the precious damask in pure silk, part of the collection since over one century, or the Vendramin velvet, taken from two-heights velvet, known as the “velvet of the Procurators” and stored in the company’s historical archive. Thanks to in-depth research into the materials and an almost fanatical precision during the production process, a collection with very strong textile connotations came into being. In fact the sense of the texture, the sheen of the silk, the 3D or similar appearance to velvet have successfully been created, as if they were real fabrics. The result is truly surprising and the new wall covering, once hung on the wall, is really deceptive in a positive sense, a kind of unexpected trompe l’oeil. Only careful and close examination can in fact reveal that these are not fabrics, but technical materials with identical appearance. These wall coverings, all strictly made in Italy, have the advantage of being very resistant, washable and therefore with easy care as well as easy hanging. On the market as from September, “The Walls of Venice” collection is suitable for residential and contract use and is fully suited to both classic and contemporary interior design. Rubelli has covered new roads with the wallpaper collection and has used new material, possibly less noble than fabrics, succeeding in creating highly sophisticated products. On the strength of its hundred years’ experience and having stored up its textile resources, past and present, it has created a surprising collection of ... non-textiles!