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Bengal stitch vermillion
Beacon Hill + Ankasa
Ankasa: Legacy
Following Iconic, an extraordinary first collaboration by Beacon Hill and Ankasa, the duo has partnered again to create the exclusive Ankasa: Legacy collection of residential fabrics. The Beacon Hill design team and Ankasa founders, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia, created this exciting addition to provide designers with a rich and textured line inspired by the Indian marketplace. With a focus on the finest embroidery and embellishment techniques, Ankasa: Legacy delights with vibrant colors and lush constructions. The fabrics themselves encompass a range of delicate, handcrafted embroideries and lush embellishments. The striking embroideries combine contemporary design with traditional techniques, such as the Convent Stitch, a Bengali embroidery technique based on a grid wherein all stitches flow on a diagonal plane. The myriad of constructions in the line, include cotton jacquards from Belgium, Italian velvets, French linens, and of course, fabrics fully crafted in India.