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KANAYA 2014 New Creations
For this year's release, Kanaya introduces a series of new items that transform space into flourishing venues. These were designed by Hiromichi Konno and Mikiya Kobayashi. Konno's authentic design creations render a world of universal beauty, whereas Kobayashi's design, while producing an airiness modernity, brings forth a new gamut of possibilities to casted metal objects normally considered as heavy. Counting among the very specific painting technologies of Takaoka douki, the “Sabi-iro” (rust color) applied on many new items of this 2013 release is an important feature of the Kanaya products. Though keeping the tranquil texture through which we can feel that this material was loved by so many generations, these items can also be used outdoor, because apart from their aesthetic qualities, they possess excellent durability.