Incollect eal itt 645x80 final 2
1002420 72dpi
Colefax and Fowler
The 2014 Larsen Collection explores two distinct themes, the first of which reveals a graphic collection, inspired by designs from the 1950s. Featuring abstract and modern shapes, this theme pays tribute to Danish creator Finn Juhl, a foremost influence on Danish design, notably in the form of his iconic furniture. A mix of ultra modern embroideries, cutting-edge designs and urban plains in a vivid colour palette, has created a range that will provide a stylish atmosphere for any room. The second theme highlights the beauty of linen and elegance of silk fabrics in rich and exquisite mineral-soft shades. A new collection, it gives prominence to elegant and sensual velvet with a chic metallic effect on soft natural linen ground. These pulent decorative fabrics feature refined details of beautiful embroidery in graphic designs and a series of luxurious, soft plains. Successfully crossing over each collection are varied small-scale wovens and plains in velvet, chenille and linen. The 2014 Larsen Collection offers a comprehensive and complete range of fabrics to complement both classic and contemporary décor.