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Anthro folkthread 1
Kit Kemp for Anthropologie
Having long admired her affinity for color, natural materials and the tailor-made feel of well designed furniture, Anthropologie partnered with Kit Kemp for her first furniture and décor collaboration. Folkthread embodies Kemp’s signature style, which she describes as, “colorful and carefree with a fresh feeling of now.” Its sense of the whimsical and the lyrical, as well as the collection’s folk art references, makes it joyful, unique and versatile. The collection will appeal to those who believe like Kemp in leaving behind traditional design rules to create truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind interiors. It presents a mix of contemporary and traditional forms, artistic and ethnic influences, bold and neutral colors and interesting textures. Upholstered armchairs with inspired hand appliqué animal motifs and oak side tables with geometric lines that transforms a room into a uniquely personal space.